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Project moved to , although you can get binaries here in downloads area...

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somebody (pablo) told me that the program doesnt work in xp, its bout the registry of xp, also there was a problem with the binary, it has two folders appcode and appdata , and with that folders doesnt work.

added csv and excel support. document that explains it in the releases.

whats new ? well added relations within tables and a new type of templates, the templatesForFields, in the releases there are documentes that explain it.

well , nobody gonna help me? - nadie tiene lo que hay que tener para echarme una mano? a ver si alguien se anima y hacemos un proyecto guapo.

20/09/06 version in english, take a look and tell me (i have no english device)

12/09/06 buscando ayudantes - looking for developers
email me at luismolina @ (without spaces)(sin espacios)

07/09/06 Comienzo del proyecto UleUle, poco a poco voy a poner esto en marcha la idea es (por orden cronológico)
  • Colgar documentacion
  • Colgar binarios de version alpha
  • Colgar código fuente de version alpha

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El proyecto UleUle es un generador de codigo mediante plantillas, las plantillas son editables en visual studio con intellisense y coloreado. En releases (aunque ponga que no hay, pinchad en more realeases) teneis ya algo.

Code generator with intellisense and template editing in vs 2005

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